That’s not how it works

Long story short I had a patient tell me he got cancer from gay people from California

So my patient diagnosed with lung cancer told me that he moved away from California because gay people gave him cancer.

I asked how. He said that “gays” have unprotected sex with men and woman . I said other people having sex doesn’t cause cancer.

He said that it does because it’s windy in California and the unprotected sex with men and woman get in the air and landed on his plants and when he went gardening he inhaled the unprotected “cancer causing “ sex fumes .

I tried my hardest not to laugh. But I told him that’s not how it works . That maybe just maybe the fact that he is a smoker since the age 14 had something to do with it.

He got offended, and said it’s not the tobacco it’s the gays . No arguing with this man.

Happy Halloween

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